Porcelain Wood Tiles Are Giving Some Tough Competition!

Nothing beats the charm and beauty of an authentic wood floor. While this might have been true in the past, today there is another option. That option is porcelain wood look tile. wood tile is gaining in popularity and for good reason.

understandable considering that this porcelain tile offers the same beauty that real wood does. The patterns on these tiles are so realistic that they are often indistinguishable from real wood flooring. These patterns also vary so much that each tile has its own individual grain pattern just as real wood does.The perfect pattern makes porcelain tile unbeatable .WOODLOOKTILE11



The Over series is a rectified color body ceramic  tile that looks like wood and has greater than 40% recycled content. The Over series is a rectified color body ceramic  tile that looks like wood and has greater than 40% recycled contenwoodlooktile15t The wood effect is taken to its extremes in a wonderful design, specially created with digital technology. Basic tones are enriched by the occasional strong color for unusual, bright and charming designs.



Look surface selection should be done based on many other factors too. These include a combination of durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Today there is a range of flooring options available that not just sport great designs and appeal but are also very sturdy. Picking unique surface selections can render an upbeat appearance to the space. Durable floors are easier to clean and keep.

Woodlooktile is the one of the most popular durable floor tile which easy to maintained and gives elegant look.It is also budget friendly tile.It has variety of colors and sizes.woodlooktile14



WOODLOOK13Thanks to advancements in high-definition imaging technology, it is quite hard to tell the difference between porcelain that looks like wood and real bona fide hardwood material. Browse our collection of wood-look tile articles to get your design ideas going.


How do porcelain tiles add so much to the value of your home?

woodlook10 The look and feel of porcelain tiles instantly and effectively conveys quality, simplicity, and a hint of opulence at the same time. Any prospective home owner who walks into a room and is greeted by beautiful tile floor.

Beyond surface appearances, high quality porcelain floor tiles are very durable and resistant to impact, chemicals, water absorption, staining, and scratching. Maintenance is very easy, particularly with a well-glazed tile. This also makes it a very hygienic choice in any room, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. This is certainly a selling point with any home buyer.


High Definition Porcelain Planks are one of the fastest growing segments in porcelain tile.

Wood grain patterning is universally admired. With porcelain and ceramic tile that looks like wood, you can add it to even more spaces. Rustic, “hand-scraped”, textured, and other wood grain tile options open up all kinds of design possibilities.
Porcelain tile WOODLOOKTILE12printed with wood patterns in high definition
offer picture-perfect natural wood color and variety with the durability that exceeds other floor coverings. Porcelain planks come in a beautiful array of colors and styles which include traditional, contemporary, classic, rustic, and even ultra rustics. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, sun rooms, bedrooms, and even make a beautiful accent wall.    


Porcelain and Ceramic Tile that looks like Hardwood Flooring


The Woodlooktiles that looks like wood flooring offers you a tough, moisture-resistant, wear-resistant surface that gives you peace of mind as well as easy maintenance. Here’s how:

  • A realistic wood floor pattern for maximum visual effect
  • Supreme moisture-resistance, dent-resistance, and scratch resistance
  • Can be installed in any part of your home, including basements, bathrooms, and laundry areas
  • Fire-resistance
  • Extremely sturdy, lasting for decades without fading


The latest flooring trend had been the porcelain wood look tiles

The recent developments at flooring industry had been incredible.Porcelain tiles moved closer and closer towards natural products such as marble, travertine and hardwood. Porcelain tiles today can provide the look and feel of natural products without the worries that are associated with them. The latest flooring trend had been the porcelain wood look tiles. While the porcelain tiles looks and feels like the natural wood, they have some superior attributes, that makes them ideal for uses at homes or commercial buildings. In order to give you the best possible quality, selection & price, we have focused our business to wood look tiles only. We seek out all the quality tile manufacturers and collect all of their wood look tile proWOODLOOKTILE9ducts into our website so that you do not need to search for them anymore.


Eco-friendly Woodlook Tile

 Save trees by installing wood-look porcelain tiles in your home.Wood look tiles,available in Porcelain and ceramic, are an Eco-friendlyWLT19 and budget-friendly option to natural hardwood floors. Additionally, wood-look tiles are scratch-resistant and stain-proof and will not wear down as hardwood does over time. In kitchens and bathrooms, wood-look tile is an ideal solution because of the water and moisture levels these rooms are subjected to. The tile is easy to clean and never loses its shine. If you love the look of hardwood, but also love forests, opt for wood-look tiles and save nature, save money and save cleaning time.


Wood Look Tiles Naturally Water Resistant

One of the greatest advantages of wood look tiles is that they perform incredibly well in areas that both hardwood and laminate traditionally struggle. Maybe most notable is the fact that wood tile has a spectacularly low water absorption rate, making it an excellent choice for the bathroom. This opens up a whole range of decoration options that are usually superseded by the fact that water damages wood. Plus, because it’s tile, it can even be installed as part of a heated floor while retaining the natural look of hardwood.